Laser Hair Reduction Treatments

What if you never had to shave again? What would you do with the extra time? What would you be able to wear if you never had to worry about the last time you shaved your legs? With The Freeze Clinic’s cutting-edge laser hair reduction technology, you can enjoy all the benefits of hairless skin. We have invested in technology that not only improves the effectiveness of laser hair reduction, but also makes the treatments far more comfortable.

Feel free to call or text us at 647-700-5880 so we can discuss your options. Or, use the contact form to schedule a virtual consultation or book an appointment.

Please book only when your skin in the area being treated is not tanned (including self tanner) and shave the area the day prior to your treatment.

Please call us to discuss if you have any concerns about the pigment of your skin.

Please note that several treatments will be required for maximum hair reduction. A minimum of 6 is generally recommended.

Pricing is approximate and could vary depending on the amount of hair and the size of the region. For areas on the face or body not listed below, estimate based on the size of the area (as per above) or give us a call.

Packages are available. Pre-purchase 5 sessions, get your 6th free!

Between Brows


Upper lip







Bikini Area*

Half Legs

Whole Face


* we do not offer Brazilian

Full Back

Full Chest

Full Legs