Jessica Biegel and Sachi Morris are skincare fanatics.  While Sachi was living in California and Vancouver, she noticed a huge difference in the West Coast approach to skincare.  She and Jessica knew they had to bring a more effective, natural approach to their city of Toronto, offering an experience that provides that healthy, glowing complexion West-Coasters are famous for.

After studying and falling in love with the incredible effects of Light Therapy and Cryotherapy, the radiant duo knew Toronto deserved access to this amazing treatment spectrum.  Not only did they invest in bringing the technology to their clients, they trained with the best.  Jessica and Sachi completed their certifications with the same trainers who work with some of the biggest celebrity skin gurus.

Now armed with a team of unbelievable technicians, Jessica, Sachi, Audra, Ruth and Dr. MaryBeth are available to help you with all your skin needs. The Freeze Clinic team brings a keen eye and cosmetic expertise to our clients. “We are a team of skin-obsessed individuals who love, love, love what we do!”