While we’re all about great skin at The Freeze Clinic, we don’t always leave home with #wokeuplikethis faces. Makeup is a fun way to emphasize your best features and even cover up the things you don’t love so much. Plus, it can make you look more youthful. The trick? Using less, lighter coverage makeup, not more. Here are our favourite makeup tips to look younger in minutes.

1. Lightweight Liquids

Powders and heavy foundations can settle into fine lines and make it appear as though you’re wearing a mask. Switch to a light-reflecting foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream and you’ll instantly get glowing, younger-looking skin. While you’re at it, switch from powder blush to a cream or gel formula and only use liquid concealers—heavy, solid concealers will only accentuate wrinkles.

2. Curl Those Lashes

Our eyelashes lose their curl as we age. Using an eyelash curler opens up your eyes and takes 30 seconds. You might find that you can even skip mascara with curly lashes!

3. Bold Brows

Thick, full eyebrows look youthful. As we age our brows tend to get thinner and the colour gets duller. Counteract this with a brow gel in one shade lighter than your brow colour—or one shade darker if your brows are blonde—and gently brush through brows to add depth and fullness.

And, remember, the key to great-looking makeup is great looking skin. Seriously. Makeup glides on and is easier to apply when your canvas is smooth and healthy. Visit us for a Freeze Facial to get your skin in shape.