You can stop gift shopping now. We have the perfect skincare gifts…and really anyone with skin, so everyone. We don’t just offer facials at The Freeze Clinic. We sell a selection of the best beauty products around. And we only sell products we use ourselves and love. So you can be confident that they’ll not only work, but that they’re also cruelty-free!

Here are our 5 favourite skincare gifts this holiday season.
The FREEZE Microdermabrasion Polish

Excuse a little self promotion here, but our microdermabrasion polish is quite simply perfect. It can be used a few times a week and gently exfoliates to reveal brighter, more even-toned skin. Plus, natural Avocado, Jojoba, Hemp and Grapeseed oils, plus 4% Shea Butter and Vitamin E add moisture. Tip: Use a moisturizing mask after exfoliating for even more dramatic results.

Coola Rose Essence Tinted SPF 20

This is the skincare gift that gives in so many ways. First, it’s an SPF, which you need to wear all year long. Yes, even in the winter. It’s also a mineral sunscreen, meaning that it’s totally safe, unlike chemical sunscreens. It smells divine—if you don’t already know, we have a thing for roses. Finally, it’s tinted, so you can skip your foundation. One step, so many benefits. Who wouldn’t love this gift?

Eye Envy

We adore Eye Envy. Longer lashes in six weeks? Who wouldn’t love it? This product is so simple. You apply it on your top lash line once a day every morning for three months (although you’ll start to see results in six weeks). After three months, apply only every other day to maintain your newly lengthened lashes. You can also use it on eyebrows!

Graydon Fullmoon Serum

Retinol can get a bad rap and for good reason. Depending on the strength of the ingredient, it can give you dry, scaly skin. Graydon’s moisturizing Fullmoon Serum includes collagen, vitamin C, peptides and anti-inflammatories. It protects skin while delivering powerful ingredients that combat the signs of aging.

FREEZE or Ultra-Cryo Facials

These are the skincare gifts that will really impress. While one of the luxurious products above will obviously be appreciated, there’s nothing like one of our facials. Soothing, relaxing and most importantly, effective, our facials really do work. Results are visible immediately and only improve over the next few days. Want to really wow your loved ones? Buy them a package of three or six facials and save money doing it!