need wear sunscreen winterWhen should you stop applying sunscreen? In September? When you start wearing your winter coat? When it snows? The answer is never. You should wear sunscreen or sunblock every day. Even just a few minutes of sun exposure on your walk to work or a quick jaunt to the store can add up, leaving you with unwanted fine lines and sagging. UV rays, you see are free radicals and lead to premature aging and skin damage.

In the winter, when sheets of white snow actually reflect the sun’s rays back onto your unprotected skin, sunscreen is super important. And hey, protecting your skin from the sun is easy in the winter because you only have to apply SPF to the parts of your body exposed to the elements. In the deep of winter, that’s usually just your face. So, slather on sunscreen under your makeup, then reapply a thin layer at the end of the day. There’s just snow excuse (see what we did there?)!