It’s a dangerous world. Your skin deserves a superhero! We hear the terms “antioxidants” and “free radicals” a lot. So, you probably know that free radicals are the bad guys and antioxidants are the skincare superheroes. But do you know why?

consonant antioxidant superheroHere’s how it works:
Everything is made of molecules—our bodies, our homes, our favourite beauty products. Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron. They try to steal that electron from healthy molecules. Pollution, cigarette smoke, UV rays and even dust produce these skincare villains. When free radicals succeed, skin ages and shows signs of damage, like discolouration, sagging and wrinkles.

How to combat free radical damage:
It’s simple: Use an antioxidant skincare product. Antioxidants have an extra electron to give, so your skin isn’t targeted instead. We love Consonant Skincare’s All Natural Antioxidant Superhero Serum.