We’re often asked why we don’t offer injectables or botox at The Freeze Clinic. People often want quick fixes. To look younger as soon as possible. And that’s fine. We get it. It’s just not what we do.

We focus on no-needle skin treatments because we truly care about improving your skin and complexion. Not just making you look better on the surface, but truly giving you better skin. We also put a lot of thought into every treatment we offer—and there are really only two facials, with a few different options. We are completely confident that both our FREEZE and Ultra-Cryo facials are safe and super effective. And don’t get us wrong, results are immediate, just maybe not as extreme as more invasive procedures.

Here’s how we look at things:
We are anti-anti-aging

As we’ve said before, we are all for the shift away from anti-aging. You can’t turn back the clock no matter how hard you try or how many injections you get. We want skin that looks great because it’s healthy and well taken care of. Even with a few fine lines, we glow from within.

Do you want to look better or feel better?

Think of it this way: let’s say you wanted to lose weight. You could simply eat a lot less. That would get the job done. OR you could exercise and eat a healthy, balanced diet and see where you ended up. You’d be strong, feel confident and look great in clothes. It’s the same with your skin. You can take the quick fix and look good but feel mediocre, or you can do what’s best for you body and look AND feel great.

Want to see and feel what our treatments can do? Book now! You won’t regret it…and we promise, no needles.