As much as we want to honour and celebrate our natural beauty, we just can’t help it—we want to look younger than we actually are. While wrinkles are often the focus in our pursuit of younger looking skin, there’s another culprit that’s stopping our complexions from really glowing: hyperpigmentation. Here are our expert tips to get rid of age spots and scars.

While freckles can be cute, hyperpigmentation, melasma and age spots generally make skin look older and duller. Hyperpigmentation refers to any darkening of the skin in spots and includes melasma, or pregnancy mask/hormonal pigmentation, and age spots. Scars—often the result of acne or picking at pimples—sometimes appear as dark spots, but can also be red, pitted or uneven skin. The source of most pigmentation? Sun exposure. Whether brought on by hormones, scarring or the direct result of too much time spent sun bathing, UV rays definitely make those pigmented spots worse.

What Can You Do?

Prevent further sun damage and dark spots. Wear #SunscreenEveryDamnDay! Wear a hat. Stay out of the sun when you can. Plus, treat your skin gently and with respect. While of course, some skin conditions are outside of your control, you can avoid touching your face and picking at pimples to prevent scars.

Want to reverse those dark spots? LED light therapy has been shown to improve pigmentation. And guess what? It’s an important component of our Freeze Facial. Green light improves pigmentation and reduces redness.

Looking to fill out some pitted or uneven scars? Again, LED light therapy is a great way to heal and promote collagen production. Red light aids in cellular renewal and yellow and blue light are great for healing and preventing acne.

LED light therapy is made even more effective when it’s preceded by all the parts of our signature Freeze Facial. Diamond microdermabrasion removes the dull top layer of skin cells. This instantly improves the look of both age spots and scars. Oxygen infusion hydrates and leaves skin glowing and our cold laser panel with microcurrent tones and firms skin for an overall more youthful appearance.

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