Whether you’re escaping the snow for somewhere warm or just want to look like you’ve vacationed, the best way to get a bronzed glow is the same: self tanner. Remember that if you want to prevent wrinkles, sun spots and sagging, SPF is your skin’s friend. The sun is not. And if you want your faux glow to look authentic, you have to prep your skin in advance.

The best self tanner prep starts with exfoliation. Exfoliate at home or get a Freeze Facial and reap the benefits of firmer-looking skin, as well. You can add neck and chest treatment areas to your Freeze Facial, too! Doing your whole body? Shave your legs then scrub. Also, get your mani and pedi sorted out in advance as getting it done afterwards can remove your tan.

Next, moisturize. Make sure your skin is well hydrated as dry skin will soak up more self tanner and you’ll look uneven. Then, start applying your potion from the bottom up and please, wear gloves and wash your hands and wrists often to remove any excess tanner.

When you get to your face, go slow. You can always build coverage but you don’t want to overdo it right off the bat. Apply your tanner minimally around your nose and above your lip and fade it over your jawline and towards your hair line.

Relax while your tanner sets and pretend you’re somewhere hot!