Cannabis is legal and you’re probably tired of reading about it, but we are here to remind you to think of your skin. What do you know about cannabis and your complexion?

CBD and your skin

You’ve probably heard about how great CBD is for skin health. Cannabidiol is a cannabis compound without the THC—the chemical that gets you high. Studies have shown that CBD can help keep skin looking more youthful. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and has been shown to balance sebum production, which can improve acne.

While this is great news, most CBD skincare products are still pretty unregulated and an exact dosage hasn’t been identified. For now, it’s all about sticking with brands you trust and testing products for yourself.

We recommend: Hemp Oil is also a byproduct of cannabis and it’s fantastic for you skin. Plus, It just so happens to be one of the ingredients in our FREEZE skincare products!

Smoking pot and your skin

Now smoking cannabis is a whole other story. It’s pretty widely understood that smoking cigarettes is bad for basically your whole body, particularly your lungs, including your skin. And, the story is not much different when it comes to joints.

When cannabis leaves are heated, they release free radicals that are highly damaging to skin. Smoking pot also constricts blood vessels, reducing oxygen flow to the skin. The smoke from cannabis is also damaging to the collagen in your skin, which of course, is the protein that basically keeps your skin together, firm and youthful-looking.

We recommend: If you’re concerned about your complexion, pass on the dutchie all together.

Vaping cannabis and your skin

While smoking pot creates combustion, vaporizing heats cannabis to the exact temperature needed to release key ingredients, like THC and CBD. Some people even believe that cannabis’ anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties can be beneficial through the consumption of cannabis, whether ingested or smoked.

Vaporizing cannabis doesn’t create smoke, so it doesn’t lead to the same skin damage as smoking. So, if you’re looking to get high—or simply reap the wellness benefits of CBD—it seems that vaping is the way to go without too much skin damage. But make sure you’re buying the legal stuff

We recommend: While vaping may be better for your skin than smoking, it’s not necessarily a healthy choice. Vaporizers haven’t been around long enough to see the long-term effects.