Keeping up with beauty trends is nearly impossible, especially when they can start with a single hashtag or suddenly become buzzy in North America, despite a long history overseas. And many beauty trends, like Crystal Lips, for example, aren’t trends you want to try anyway. But Cloudless Skin is one to pay attention to. It may even be a concept to work into your daily life. We’ll explain why.

What is Cloudless Skin?

Cloudless Skin is one of those trends that’s been around for decades in Korea, but only recently caught the attention of North Americans. What is it? Cloudless Skin is simply a clear, healthy-looking complexion. Skin is firm, bright and hydrated. Like a cloudless sky, cloudless complexions are free of dullness and imperfections.

How do you get Cloudless Skin?

Not to brag, but our FREEZE facial has been delivering Cloudless Skin for five years. (We just didn’t know it had such a specific name until recently.) Our combination of microdermabrasion, oxygen infusion, cold laser panel, microcurrent and LED light therapy increases collagen production, brightens skin, improves texture, banishes imperfections and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

But this trend isn’t simply superficial. Cloudless Skin can come from an inner glow. For instance, the radiance that comes from being in love, supremely satisfied with life or even a healthy lifestyle. We are all for living with wellness top of mind. We stock only natural and cruelty-free skincare products and promote healthy eating and exercise. Plus, our newest treatment, Skin-Tox includes lymphatic drainage, which is both about the health of your skin and about removing toxins from your body. Both of which will definitely help you achieve cloudless skin.

Want your complexion to be cloudless? Visit us for a FREEZE facial or Skin-Tox treatment!