What’s better than a hot shower on a cold day? Well, if you’re trying to improve the look of your skin, apparently a cold shower is. This isn’t much of a surprise to us. We’re all about the benefits of cold facial treatments.

A few years ago, the ice cube facial was all the rage. This literally meant rubbing an ice cube over your skin or—if you were bold enough—dunking your face into ice water like Kate Moss has been known to do. Like the ice bucket challenge for the vain. The results? Smooth, poreless-looking skin with a natural flush on the cheeks and not a hint of puffiness.

The aesthetic benefits of cold facial treatments is a sort of constricting of pores and tightening of the skin but there’s more to it. Hot water can strip the skin of beneficial oils, leaving skin dry and dull. So, are we saying that you have to bathe in ice water to look great? No. But, keep the temperature moderate and rinse your face with cool water after towelling off.

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