We spend a lot of time looking at our faces in the mirror. Well, at least we do and we’re not afraid to admit it! We apply makeup to our faces, cleanse and moisturize—often in front of the mirror—and once in a while, we get real close to that reflection and inspect our skin for new wrinkles, spots and other signs of aging. But you know the biggest giveaway of age that many people forget about? The neck and chest, or décolleté.

The skin on your décolleté is thinner than the skin on your face so it can actually show signs of aging first. That’s why we offer neck and chest add-ons to our signature Freeze Facial. And keep this in mind when you’re going about your daily skincare routine at home. When you exfoliate your face, do your neck and chest, too and always extend your moisturizer beyond your chin.

decollete neck chest