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Men get hotter with age. This is a universal fact. Just look at George Clooney in Facts of Life: shiny forehead, floppy hair and dangly arms that entered Mrs. Garrett’s boarding house 20 feet before the rest of him. And now? Exactly.  So, it begs the question: why is Botox for guys (or, I’m embarrassed to even type this, “Brotox”) on the rise? Women LIKE men with laugh lines – it means they smile a lot. We like their furrowed brows – it means they think a lot. We like their crows feet, freckles, and scars above the left eye from a bar fight in frosh week (ya, ya, we shoulda seen the other guy…we know.)

What we don’t like in a guy? Anything fake. Ever. We spend enough time debating the “did she or didn’t she’s” amongst our own breed – we don’t need to extend the gross curiosity to our boyfriends jowls or suddenly way tighter hair line. Just look at the pic’s below. These dudes don’t look like a lady. These dudes look like a crazy.

Axl Rose

Burt Reynolds

Kenny Rogers

Mickey Rourke 

So what’s the solution for a guy who’s embracing his aging “Babe” status, but wants to freshen up a bit? Simple. Cold laser. It even sounds like something Luke Skywalker would be into. Cold laser works all the muscles in the face to stimulate collagen and promote circulation. It’s like sending your face to the gym. The result is refreshed and polished skin that leaves a guy’s face clean, taut and firm. Rob Lowe has been rumoured to get Cold Laser facials. 

Rob Lowe

Enough said.

Mens treatments at The Freeze Clinic start at $150 and can be worked around facial hair to maximize the benefits of the microdermabrasion, cold laser and cold light panel. Call/text/email to discuss.


By Contributor Samantha Mitschka