We love the idea of a monthly subscription box so we created our own curated monthly beauty product collections at a special price. And you don’t even need to subscribe. Each month, like a beauty box, we’ll choose some of our favourite products and when you buy them together, you’ll save.

So, what are our favourites for June?

Graydon Face Foam

Graydon makes plant-powered skincare products with highly effective active ingredients that are gentle on the skin. We love this face cleansing foam because it foams without dangerous skin irritants like SLS. It’s also gentle enough to use as a makeup remove around the eyes and is dermatologist tested and hypo-allergenic. Key ingredients include white willow bark, a natural antibacterial and exfoliating agent, bamboo to soften skin and apple cider vinegar to brighten skin.

FREEZE Microdermabrasion Polish

Our FREEZE Microdermabrasion Polish is the perfect exfoliant for in-between FREEZE facials. It eliminates the top layer of dry skin, revealing a brighter looking complexion without being drying. Avocado, jojoba, hemp and grapeseed oils keep skin hydrated and healthy.

Ridha Phytogel Eye + Lip Care

This double-duty product brings hydration to the delicate areas of your face: your eyes and lip contours. With a nourishing phyto-complex of cucumber, chamomilla, sage, linden, witch hazel, lavender, rosemary, mint and aloe, it reduces the look of wrinkles while adding elasticity to the skin. Vitamin A exfoliates and vitamins C and E protect skin from free radicals.

June’s Freeze Favourites curated beauty collection is $99!

Want to add some serious skin refreshing to this month’s collection? Visit us for one of our signature treatments—or buy a package, even better than a subscription! Get three FREEZE facials for $499, three Skin-Tox facials for $399 or three FREEZE facial lites for $399.