Can a computer assess your skin’s needs better than a human? Some pretty big beauty companies think so and are creating algorithms, services and products to prove it. AI is changing the face of beauty—but is it for the better? We’re on the fence.

Selfie Skin Analysis

A few big beauty companies offer websites where you can upload a selfie and the computer will outline your main skin concerns, suggest products to address those concerns and even guess your age.

While this may be fun, it can also be a bit depressing if the bot thinks your skin looks older than you actually are. But don’t take it too seriously. You’ve got to think that customers are more likely to purchase products if they think their skin is in dire need of help. (Just saying.)

Personalized Products

Don’t want a computer scanning your poorly-lit selfie? Many beauty companies have short skin surveys you can take online that will suggest the right products from their lineup. Even better? A few new beauty businesses will create customized skincare with ingredients targeted specifically to your complexion.

Curated Shopping Lists

Instead of having pricey, personalized products custom-made, you can use AI tools like Hello Ava and My Beauty Matches to find existing products for your skin type, needs and budget by a range of beauty brands. You can even set up sale alerts for your favourites.

Want really personalized skincare?

At The Freeze Clinic, an actual human looks at and discusses your skin with you to determine your needs and wants. Then we customize our one of our signature facials to give you the best treatment for your complexion. No selfie needed—although you’ll be inspired to take one as soon as you’re done!