We’ve said it before, you should be wearing SPF every day of the year, but we know that the spring sunshine often acts as a good reminder to dig out your sunscreen. So, now that it’s a daily habit again, how do you layer sunscreen, makeup and moisturizer? Well, it’s kind of the same way you dress for spring’s unexpected weather changes: thoughtful layers that keep you warm, dry and looking fly.

Start with Skincare

Start your day with your usual skincare routine. That may mean washing your face and applying a serum, then moisturizer. However, if you use a thick moisturizer and a chemical sunscreen (one with ingredients like avobenzone or homosalate), you might start with your sunscreen, because it needs to absorb into skin—and needs 20 minutes before you’re exposed to the sun.


After your lightweight skincare products, add your sunscreen. A physical sunscreen (meaning that it physically blocks UV rays using titanium dioxide and or zinc), will actually give you the kind of luminescence you’d get from a strobing or highlighting product. Follow sunscreen with primer, BB or CC cream, but you may find that your SPF acts as a great primer. You can also find a primer with SPF in it, for extra protection.

Finish with Makeup

Finally, apply your foundation and colour cosmetics as usual.

Don’t Forget to Reapply

Your sunscreen won’t last all day. You will need to reapply every two to four hours, depending on how much time you spend in the sun. If you’re in an office most of the day, you can wait until lunchtime to add more SPF. Of course you don’t want to ruin your makeup, so invest in a clear sunscreen spray or mineral makeup powder with SPF. That way, you touch up your makeup and add protection.