When it comes to men’s skincare routines, there seem to be two extremes: no routine or skincare products at all, or complicated, multiple-step regimens. A few years ago, Neutrogena launched a campaign called Junk Face, encouraging guys to stop using the same soap they use on their, ahem, body, as they do on their face. Recently, the launch of Bateman Skincare introduced the exhaustive skincare routine of Patrick Bateman from the 2000 movie, American Pyscho to the market. Although Bateman Skincare is a unisex line, the six-step collection definitely skews male.

Isn’t there a happy medium?

Of course there is. Here’s the thing: men’s skin isn’t so special. (Sorry, guys.) Yes, it does tend to be thicker than women’s, but everyone’s skin is unique. It’s just a matter of finding the products—and services—that work for you.

So, generally speaking, what do men need when it comes to skincare?

Simply, men need a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen they actually use everyday…just like everyone else! A serum and an exfoliant would be great additions, too.

And guess what? Men need facials, too.

It’s not just women’s skin that needs refreshing regularly. Plus, like our signature Freeze Facial, many professional treatments go beyond just cleansing. Although men’s skin may have a higher collagen density, it could still use some help in the anti-aging department and our freeze facial firms skin, improves texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, among many other benefits.

Want to start a new skincare routine with fresh, healthy-looking skin? Book a facial and we can help!