We love a fresh face. But let’s be honest, not everyone feels gorgeous sans makeup. And that’s totally okay, too. With eyebrows becoming the feature to focus on, we feel a bit naked without full-looking brows. That’s where microblading, feather brows and ombré come in.

Modern cosmetic tattooing looks nothing like the heavy, black lines you may have seen in the past—thank goodness! We tell you why it looks so natural, who needs it and where to get it done.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing technique for eyebrows, also called Feather Brows or 3D Feather Brows. A hand-held tool (as opposed to a tattoo gun) is used to achieve super fine lines and realistic results. Powder brows is when a more defined look is applied to the brows. It looks more like makeup. Finally, ombré brows are often a combination of microblading and powder techniques to create a striking look that’s a bit darker at the tails and lighter at the start of the brows.

Who needs microblading?

Wish your brows were fuller? Thicker? A better shape? You’re probably a good candidate for microblading, feather brows and ombré. The pigment lasts for between one and three years and can give you the eyebrows you’ve always wanted.

Where to get it done

Imagine you were getting a tattoo, would you let just anyone at any tattoo parlour do it? Probably not. This isn’t a cheap and cheerful manicure. We think you should put the same amount of thought you’d put into getting a fabulous facial (hint, hint) as you would tattooing your face. Our Sachi recently visited Crista Nicole Beauty in Toronto to get her brows done and says she’s the best in the city.

How soon after getting my brows microbladed can I get a Freeze Facial?

You’ll have to wait about three weeks before getting our Freeze Facial. So, plan ahead if you get regular treatments. We can’t wait to see your new brows!