Love how your skin feels and looks after microdermabrasion? Of course you do! It’s smoother, softer, brighter and even healthier. So it’s totally understandable that you’d want to get those same results at home. There are lots of microdermabrasion at home products available that are safe and easy to use. Most are actually just exfoliating masks, and that’s great. Use them according to the instructions and enjoy smoother skin afterwards. Just don’t expect professional results.

At The Freeze Clinic, we use a professional microdermabrasion machine with a diamond tipped wand. The diamond tip physically removes dead skin cells and those cells are suctioned away into the wand. While of course, the exfoliation is key to the process, the suction is also beneficial to skin, helping to clear clogged pores. Combined with our cold laser wand, oxygen infusion, customized serums and collagen mask, your skin positively glows when we’re done! And you haven’t had to lift a finger. It’s nice to be pampered sometimes.

Have you seen professional-looking microdermabrasion machines online that are made for home use? Sure, they’re tempting. But think of it this way: You could watch a YouTube video on how to fix a clogged drain or buy an at-home device,  but would you want to?

Wouldn’t you rather hire a professional  plumber and let them do the dirty work?

Aestheticians are trained to understand your skin and in how to safely perform treatments. The average consumer is not. Not only will the microdermabrasion at home machine probably not be as effective as a professional grade one, because it has to be safe (here’s hoping!), but you’re doing the work. Sure, it’s much more pleasant than plumbing, but no one is going to take as good care of your skin as someone who is paid to do so.

We don’t expect you to visit a spa every time you want to exfoliate your skin—that’s when your exfoliating mask is a great option—but when it comes to actual microdermabrasion, it’s best to visit a trained aesthetician, who’ll love your skin like no one else! Book now and find out for yourself.