With so many tools to enhance, blur and filter our photos, it’s easy to turn a simple selfie into an arts & crafts project. We understand that it’s tempting to retouch a few crows feet, or black-and-white your way out of a rosacea flare up, but at some point you have to leave the house and admit to not having pores the size of a newborn. Rather than needing a background in Graphic Arts to post a pic you’re proud of, let The Freeze Clinic do what your inner-budding artist is trying to, just for real. There is no editing required once you are a regular client at The Freeze Clinic. Think of our diamond tip micro-dermabrasion as having the same effect as the Photoshop eraser, and our cold laser treatment giving your skin the same glow as the most boost-worthy Instagram filter. Before you know it, your skin looks like it has it’s own personal Oprah lighting tech following you everywhere you go.
If you’re Nicole Kidman-ing your photos to the point where your skin looks translucent, or using so many filters you’ve invented a new skin colour, it may be time to ease off the touch-up toolbox and make an appointment with Jess or Tori. They will give you close-up confidence so your only selfie concern will be mastering your best angle. Happy clicking!
By: Contributor Samantha Mitschka