Do you have sensitive skin? You’re not alone. About 70 per cent of people think they have sensitive skin. The good news? It’s probably not true. Unless you’re prone to skin rashes, eczema, skin so dry it hurts, or have rosacea, your skin is most likely normal. Maybe it’s a bit on the dry side, maybe your skin doesn’t like harsh ingredients in beauty products (whose does, really?), but that doesn’t make it sensitive.

So what is sensitive skin?

Unfortunately, dermatologists and skincare experts don’t have a simple definition for sensitive skin, but they’re really the only ones who can properly diagnose it.

If my skin isn’t sensitive, what is it?

Everyone’s skin—just like everyone’s body chemistry—is different. While the skincare routine you read about in your favourite magazine may work for some, it just might not work for you. Many people who self diagnose as sensitive-skinned are actually just using the wrong products—or are using too many products.

How do I get back to feeling like my skin is normal?

Simplify your skincare routine. Avoid products with harsh or irritating ingredients, like exfoliating acids and retinol, or fragrances, parabens and sulfates. Avoid products with too many ingredients in general!

Finally, let us help! Yes, you can get a facial, even with sensitive skin. Let us gently exfoliate and pamper your skin with products that won’t cause irritation. Call, text or email us your questions then book your appointment.