Every March, the beauty world comes out with the saaaaaame articles on how to prep our skin for spring. We’re given new (not really) spring beauty tips on how to exfoliate/slough/dry brush/peel/blow torch the thick layer of winter that is caked to our face like a bad Cover Girl foundation.

And so every year, we dutifully slush our way to Shoppers or Sephora or the loofah-clad Hungarian woman at the spa, and we begin the painstaking process of polishing our skin. Only problem is, we’re not really polishing so much as punishing. The harder we scrub, the more we strip our skin of the essential oils and moisture it desperately needs to stay hydrated and dewy.

At the Freeze Clinic, our smoothing process is gentle, effective, and goes deeper than any topical exfoliant. And because our laser is cold, not scalding hot like most cosmetic treatments, our clients don’t leave looking as if they were sun scorched over March break (especially because this year most of us stayed home and binge-watched House of Cards. What? Like you didn’t).

So rather than share the Top 2000 ways to rid your skin of winter, we’re pleased to offer you four. Pick the package that works best for you, and let’s get the beauty biz to report on something else this spring. Maybe like, where is it?

1. First Freeze

For first time clients, try our signature treatment for only $175, reg.$199

2. Flake Off, Winter

Show winter who’s boss with three back-to-back treatments and a take-home organic wash to maintain skin between visits. $499, regular $615

3. Spring/Summer Event Package

Three signature treatments, two additional cold blasts and a Consonant HydrExtreme Serum to prepare your skin for the spring/summer events. $699, regular $819

4. Signature Package

Six Signature treatments for the cost of five $970, regular $1194


By Contributor Samantha Mitschka