Do you sweat or do your sparkle? Either way, it’s the season to shine. Whether you’re working out, relaxing on the beach or just sitting on a patio under the sun, you’re bound to look a little shiny. But is sweating good for skin?

For starters, sweating is good for your whole body. Sweat helps your body regulate its temperate. As sweat evaporates off the surface of your skin, you feel cooler. It also flushes bacteria, dirt and oil out of your pores. Plus, when you sweat, your body secretes a natural antibiotic that can protect you from bacteria! So, the simple answer is yes, of course sweating is good for skin.

But, there’s a “but.” While there are definitely health benefits to getting sweaty, if you leave that sweat on your skin, it can wreak havoc. Everyone has bacteria on their skin. You’re not gross or unclean. It’s normal. The thing is that bacteria need moisture to multiply and sweat gives them exactly that. This is why sweating can cause body odour. But it can also cause acne, redness and rashes if not washed off the skin in good time.

So, how do you avoid skin irritation and pimples in the summer?

Keep your skin clean. Summer is not a great time to be wearing a lot of makeup, anyway. Wash your face before you apply your makeup and keep it minimal. That way, you have fewer potential pore cloggers on your skin when you sweat. And try to keep your skin clean during and after sweating. This doesn’t mean carrying around facial cleansing wipes, but it might mean keeping oil-absorbing papers handy to blog away the oil as it appears. And of course, wash your face as soon as you get home in the evening.

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