The morning after isn’t always our most shining moment. Let’s be honest; the hair, the breath, the awkward search for your shoes… it’s never great. And then to make matters worse, it’s typically followed by a walk of shame in sequins and stilettos alongside a troupe of freshly pressed 9-5’ers on their way to the office. The point is, we should all be aiming to phase out the morning after/walk of shame shtick by our mid-30’s (unless you’re January Jones…sorry, too good to pass up).
 But you’ll notice that more and more women and men are opting to continue this trend – the only difference is now they’re hightailing it out of their dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office. We’ve all seen them! Big sunglasses, strategically placed hair, pin cushion face, and HEAD DOWN. It’s the post procedure walk of shame, and it’s not pretty.
We at The Freeze Clinic are committed to ensuring your post-procedure days of “please god don’t let me run into my ex at this moment” are over. The benefits of cold laser mean you have NO down time, NO redness, NO pin cushion face, NO need for a paper bag with eye holes. And even better, the morning after, and the morning after that, proves to enhance the treatment because the REAL changes come about 24/48 hours post treatment once the collagen bundles and elastin fibers have had a chance to increase and strengthen. Cold laser works on a cellular level and so -put simply- it takes a couple days for the skins cells to repair. Once they do, the result is a healthy, radiant complexion.
You can rest assured that your morning after a Cold Laser facial will not be a post-panic at the disco. You’ll wake up looking beautiful and hopefully beside someone who notices. Or better yet, someone you’ve known long enough to notice.
By Contributor Samantha Mitschka