Happy Valentine’s Day! Know what we love even more than great skin? A passion for great skin (and our facials). So today we are celebrating a few of our favourite #freezefacial fans. (Above, from left: ushappyfour, theaugustdiaries, icingandglitter)

Siffat Haider: icingandglitter on Instagram

As far as beauty influencers go, Siffat Haider, aka icingandglitter lives the dreamiest life. She travels the world, has an enviable wardrobe, eats at the best restaurants and of course, tries the best skincare treatments, including ours.

Post-FREEZE, Siffat chatted with Sachi (our co-founder) about four things you should never do after a facial. Read those tips here! Want to learn more from Siffat? Check out her new podcast, The Dream Bigger Podcast.

Jill Lansky: theaugustdiaries on Instagram

Jill covers fashion, beauty and snippets of her life on her blog, YouTube channel and super-popular Instagram feed. Her outfit ideas give us life and her super honest reviews of skincare treatments are eye-opening.

She visited us for a FREEZE facial and was (obvs) pleased with her post-FREEZE glow. Want some expert tips to make your own Insta-feed look professional? Jill has you covered.

Emily Weinmann: ushappyfour on Instagram

We like our beauty influencers with a slice of real life and Emily’s life with two littles is a busy one. What better way to show off what kind of glow our FREEZE facial delivers! Follow ushappyfour on Instagram for ridiculously gorgeous photos, hilarious foibles of raising little kids and once in a while, some of the best beauty inspiration in her IG stories.

Want to live like a beauty influencer? (We actually don’t care how many followers you have!) Try our FREEZE facial. We put the same amount of love and care into every facial because you deserve it.