Happy New Year, Friends and Readers!

We just wanted to use this blog to thank you for supporting us in 2013 in the big way you have! It was daunting opening up our very first location but with continued support and success like this, who knows what is in our future.

What to Expect in 2014>   In the coming months, we will be carrying a second line of skin care products. Although we still love Consonant’s organic line, we know some of you also prefer a more clinical approach. So we are working to deliver something that both compliments our treatments and is something we would personally use daily. This means it has to work. What we love about Consonant is that, unlike other organic products we’ve tried (and there have been dozens), it actually works. There are loads of clinical lines out there. But we want something that isn’t carried in every spa or Sephora and mass-produced. We are narrowing in and will keep you posted!

Also, this year, we will continue to support the charities we do like PFLAG and The Humanitarian Coalition. We will definitely add more charities to our list in 2014.

In coming blogs, we will be offering other suggestions to help keep your skin looking decades younger – and not just posts about cold laser facials. Although that is the one (spectacular, if we do say so ourselves) service we offer, we are also experts in other ways to stay looking your best. Keep following us and you’ll see! Next week we teach you the best facial exercises to tighten and firm.

Finally, if you are on Twitter, please follow us @TheFreezeClinic, as we plan to offer ongoing specials or information only found here.

Stay tuned, stay warm, stay cold laser fresh!