We’ve shared our love of Vitamin C in skincare products before. We believe in its ability to improve our complexions so much that we just launched our very own super-powered serum! So of course, we were thrilled to discover that “Vitamin C in skincare” is a trending search term on Pinterest. Like searches for the term have gone up 3,379 percent in the last year. That’s a lot of people discovering the magic of your favourite common cold remedy.

Why is Vitamin C so great?

Well, it’s an antioxidant that when taken orally in food or supplements, boosts immune function and helps our bodies produce collagen. Luckily the citrus vitamin also helps with collagen production when applied topically. Other skincare benefits include: reducing the appearance of pigmentation and reducing inflammation. Brighter, younger-looking skin? If you’re not using Vitamin C yet, it’s time to try it.

Not all serums are created equal

This isn’t just our way of pushing The Freeze Clinic 20% Vitamin C serum, although we mean, we do consider ours the best, but Vitamin C in skincare products isn’t always a stable ingredient. When exposed to light, air and heat, Vitamin C can become less effective, so finding the perfect solution for a skincare product can be tricky, so make sure you find one with quality ingredients and the promise of a stable formula. The Vitamin C in our serum is a 20 percent concentration and stabilized form. Combined with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil, skin tightening witch hazel and collagen-boosting amino acid arginine, our serum is a true power house.