No innuendos here. While August temperatures may get you hot and bothered, we are simply focused on the wellness benefits of cold showers. And there are plenty. Plus, cool showers aren’t as bad as you think, especially when they start out hot, as usual, and you slowly transition to more frigid temperatures. This is how James Bond showered, so it can’t be all bad, right?

Here are five reasons you should take cold showers:
Cool Off

Cold showers simply help you cool down when it’s hot outside. Sure, you could run your wrists under cold water or have an iced drink, but a cold shower cools your whole body down—and quickly.

Hair That Shines

Cold water tames frizzy hair by sealing the cuticle, making each strand appear smoother and shinier. So shampoo with warm water, condition and then rinse your conditioner out with cold for great hair days.

Immune Boost

Want fewer colds and flus? A British study showed an increase in white blood cells, which fight diseases, in those who regularly took cold showers. Another study showed that cold showerers missed work less.

Stress Less
Cold showers stimulate the vagus nerve, an important part of our nervous system that regulates heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and more. When you strengthen your vagus nerve, you strengthen your body’s ability to lower your heart rate and reach a resting state. This means that even when stressed out, you’re able to calm yourself with some deep breathing.
Glowing Skin
We couldn’t forget great skin, could we? We’re fans of all things cold and showers are no exception. Cold temperatures on our skin help improve circulation, making us look healthier. Hot water can exacerbate skin conditions and strip your skin of natural oils. Cold water retains a healthy, balanced complexion.

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