Until a week ago, I was playing a good game of winter denial in my head. But then this week happened, and I can no longer ignore it! Not when it has been staring up at me everyday, taunting me with the havoc it is wreaking on my clients faces. It’s laughing at me! It’s laughing at you. Fine. The battle is on, Winter! Last week, The Freeze Clinic was invited to speak at Narrative PR and Blistex’s “Beauty in Bloom” event at George Restaurant in Toronto, along with Beauty Expert, Marilisa Racco. She gave us some excellent tips on how to keep your skin beautiful year-round, in addition to Cold Laser treatments. Here are some of her tips to fight lackluster winter skin, along with my own …


And once you’ve done that, drink some more! Yes I know, you hear it all the time and are sick of it. But, TRUST me! It is a very important and beneficial ingredient to healthy skin. And this is especially true in the winter, as the dry heat in our homes and the cold air outdoors join forces to suck the hydration from our skin. Drinking plenty of water will help fight dry itchy skin, improve elasticity, and rid the skin of toxins. I could go on, but I think you get it.

2) Hot Water Warm Water is best.

There’s nothing like hot steamy water on a cold day. However, hot water strips the body of its natural oil barrier, and you need that barrier more than ever during the winter to trap the moisture, keeping your skin smooth and moist.

3) Put away the soap!

Yes, the one you’ve been carrying over from the shower to use on your face. You know who you are! Soap messes with the pH balance of your skin, leaving it feeling tight, dry, and looking dull. The harsh chemicals in it are useful to clean your skin, but not to protect it. While this works perfectly well for the rest of your body, the skin on your face is much more delicate and can quickly start to look damaged. Do your skin a favor, pick up a mild cleanser.

4) MEN – take it easy on the shaving.

I don’t need to tell you that shaving is an irritant to the skin. You know this more than I do. But it’s even more irritating when you are suffering from dry skin. While you shave off your hair, you’re shaving off your natural oil barrier at the same time, stripping it of its moisture. If you can skip shaving for a day or 2, this will give your skin the extra time it needs to build up that healthy moisture balance. If this isn’t feasible for you and you must shave, do so right after you shower when your skin and hair is the softest. Always use a hydrating shaving cream and make sure your blade is sharp to prevent added irritation.

5) Exfoliate once a week.

This should be a part of everyone’s regular winter skincare regimen. Dry skin is a build up of stubborn dead skin cells that refuse to fall off. When our skin is dry, we tend to load up on heavier creams to compensate for the dryness. This is a lost cause! Essentially all this is accomplishing is re-hydrating skin cells on the surface that are already dead. Regular exfoliation removes the dry dead skin so that the fresh new skin cells underneath receive the proper hydration, resulting in healthier more glowing complexion

6) Winter Blast Package.

If you are reading this blog right now, chances are that you have heard a little bit about what our Signature Treatment facial can do for your skin, regardless of season. Our microderm and cold laser combo stops a whole plethora of skin issues in its tracks. This includes dry/dull skin, eczema and rosacea. Cold laser works at a cellular level to heal inflammation and impurities in the skin. Starting in December, we will be offering our Winter Blast Package. This consists of 3 Signature Treatments. To ward off dull, lifeless skin, I recommend coming in for a treatment 3 times over the winter, once a month – December, January and February. I promise you, your skin will have never have looked better in winter! And there’s more. Included in this deal,  you will receive a 10 ml bottle of Consonant’s famous serum HydrExtreme (which sells $72). HydrExtreme is an extreme hydration booster that is clinically proven to deliver in the moisture department. All this for $500 … almost $100 in savings!

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