We all have our little secrets. Maybe you have a stash of chocolate you don’t share with anyone. Maybe you own a fake designer bag and pass it off as genuine. Or, maybe you get fillers injected twice a year and tell friends or coworkers that you have a doctor’s appointment. Who are we to judge? (Although we wouldn’t mind a little of your chocolate!) But there’s no need to hide your facial fillers from us. A Freeze Facial after fillers is actually a great way to keep your skin and complexion looking youthful and fresh.

We use cold laser therapy in our signature Freeze Facial so, unlike thermal laser treatments, there is no risk of breaking down your hyaluronic acid filler. Plus, while the look of wrinkles is diminished with fillers, the quality of your complexion may still need refreshing every few months. Our signature facial gives you brighter, younger-looking skin that glows.

So how soon can you get a Freeze Facial after fillers? According to The Freeze Clinic’s co-founder Sachi Miller, you should wait about 10 days after your injectables to get a facial. And while you can keep your fillers a secret for everyone else, you should tells your technician before your treatment. We promise, your secret’s safe with us.