Jade face rollers have been one of the most popular beauty trends in the past year and have actually been used for hundreds of years in the Chinese culture. They are small paint-roller-like tools for your face made of jade—but do they actually work?

Jade face rollers are supposed to reduce redness and puffiness, and also promote bright and clear skin. In Chinese culture, jade stone symbolizes purity and health, and it is believed that it has healing properties. And while we’re sure that using a jade roller can be relaxing, which may result in better-looking skin, we’re not so sure about direct or lasting effects.

Do jade face rollers work?

First of all, there are no scientific studies on the benefits of using these pretty tools for your skin. Even though many beauty bloggers do a seven- or 30-day trial using jade face rollers, they still don’t count as scientific evidence. Many of the claims made about brighter and clearer skin are exaggerated, according to dermatologists.

Most changes noticed by users are temporary. For instance, it’s common to put jade face rollers in the fridge, which will obviously cool skin and reduce redness—but you can get the same effects using ice. And while using a jade roller may help with puffiness by pushing extra fluid towards the lymph nodes, lymphatic drainage massage is a a technique best practiced by a pro. Another claim is that jade rollers products absorb into the skin. They may help spread product more evenly but they can’t push product deeper into your pores.

The only real benefit we see in using a jade face roller is for its soothing, relaxing effects. It’s a great massage for your face but other than that, there are no amazing benefits for the skin.

Who shouldn’t use jade face rollers?

Perhaps one of the most important things to note is that jade rollers aren’t suitable for all skin types. If you suffer from rosacea and eczema, stay away from jade rollers. They can increase blood circulation on your face more than needed, increasing redness. If you have dry skin, always apply a cream or serum before using a jade roller.

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