At The Freeze Clinic we offer only services we believe in and that actually work. It’s important that our facials are relaxing, comfortable (not painful) and effective. We’ve taken our favourite skincare techniques and have combined them into facials you’ll love. But there’s one exception. We adore derma rolling and truly believe in its benefits. But we have not included the professional version of treatment in any of our services. Why? Professional microneedling services are just too intense for the skin. They’re uncomfortable and can involve redness or irritation afterwards. We like our clients to leave The Freeze Clinic glowing.

The good news? We sell a selection of products (including our own) that we love and again, that actually work. Our favourite derma roller is among them. So, what is derma rolling and what’s the difference between derma rolling and microneedling? Read on.

Derma Rolling

Derma rolling and micro needling both involve tiny needles (0.1 or 0.2 mm) that puncture the skin. A derma roller is like the oh-so-popular jade roller, but with medical grade needles (and actual results). It’s a DIY procedure. You roll the derma roller gently over your skin. The punctures made are very shallow so are virtually painless.


Micro needling is done in a skincare clinic by a professional. A derma pen or microneedling pen is used. It’s a handheld, electronic device  that punctures the skin with very fine needles. Sometimes numbing cream is used on the skin prior to an appointment to prevent pain.

What are the benefits of Derma Rolling?

When the needles puncture the skin they create tiny wounds that activate collagen production and healing. Regular derma rolling—once a week or so—can lead to a more even skin tone, reduction in scars and fine lines, thicker skin and improved product absorption.

What you need to know before you try

Skin should be thoroughly cleansed before using your derma roller. Wash your face and then follow with an antiseptic cleanser. You should not use a derma roller if you have cystic acne or open wounds as bacteria will spread around your face. When you’re done, the derma roller should be thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic product.

Want to give it a try? Visit us and we’ll be happy to talk you through it and show you the derma roller we love!