Celebrities, models and healthy people with glowing skin seem to swear by the magical benefits of drinking water for your skin. They carry a water bottle wherever they go and spend most of their days in the bathroom, but their skin is radiant, so it must be working, right? Actually, there’s no science to show that drinking water directly affects your skin, but that doesn’t mean you should stop.

Why Drinking Water is Essential To Health

Our bodies are about 60 per cent water, so we need H20 to stay healthy and hydrated. And what does the skin of a healthy and hydrated person look like? It’s probably pretty healthy-looking, too. Every part of your body—every organ and cell—need water to function and that includes your skin—but drinking water for your skin isn’t a proven science. Don’t expect to drink a glass of water and see your skin plump up. You can’t hydrate your face from the inside.

If you want fewer wrinkles and more hydrated, glowing skin, you need a good diet, exercise regimen and skincare routine. Again, while what you eat may not directly affect your skin, improving your health from the inside out will definitely show on your face in the form of both good skin and a smile! Exercise can improve the look of skin because it helps circulate oxygen throughout the body, including the skin. Finally, taking care of your skin with quality products and a little pampering—like a Freeze Facial—will keep your complexion looking its best.

Want to try a water treatment that will instantly improve your skin? Our Freeze Facial includes oxygen infusion with rose water and it’s totally relaxing, luxurious and it smells divine. Combined with our cold laser treatment, you’ll leave our clinic looking like you drink 15 glasses of water a day!