When you book a Freeze Facial, you’re also getting diamond microdermabrasion and oxygen infusion, along with our signature cold laser treatment. Honestly, it’s like three fabulous facials in one skin-rejuvenating treatment. If you regularly read our blog, you now know why you should visit a pro for diamond micro-d. Now it’s time to learn a bit more about oxygen infusion and how it nourishes and visibly plumps your skin.

How It Works:

Oxygen infusion is best done after exfoliation (which is why we start with microdermabrasion), so skin is prepped and ready to soak up all the upcoming goodness. The oxygen is applied using a special wand that delivers pressurized oxygen directly to the skin. A celebrity trick—Madonna famously gets an oxygen facial every week and Kim Kardashian has her own machine—oxygen infusion facials, deliver pure oxygen and a custom infusion of skin-nourishing goodies to the skin. The oxygen helps your pores to better absorb these complexion-refreshing ingredients. The oxygen itself also cools the skin and promotes cell renewal. Skin looks brighter, moisturized and firm immediately following the treatment. Like a breath of fresh air for your skin, oxygen infusion leaves you with a glowing complexion and a smile on your face.

oxygen infusion