Have you cleaned out your closets and cupboards since Tidying Up with Marie Kondo came out on Netflix? What about your beauty products? Whether you still have a drawer or vanity top spilling over with moisturizers, serums and masks or you’re only left with three beautiful bottles, you have to ask yourself: Does your skincare routine bring you joy? Perhaps it’s time to apply the KonMari method to your complexion.

The catch? You can’t base all your decisions on whether your skincare sparks joy and we’ll tell you why. Here are our three tips for spring cleaning your skincare so you’re left with products and a routine you love.

Do your products spark joy in your skin?

When you ask yourself whether something sparks joy, you have to keep in mind whether the product feels good on your skin and if it delivers results. If it does those things, the product is in the running for getting to stick around.

Next, ask yourself if these products are part of a multi-step routine and if you enjoy that routine. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it and those great products will just sit pretty without making you pretty.

Are the products safe?

It can’t be all about joy, otherwise you’d be left with either super pricey finds, really fun products that do nothing or products that seem to deliver results but are secretly hurting your health and the earth. It’s so important to check the ingredients to make sure that they are effective and safe. Examples of ingredients you want to avoid are phthalates, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colours and fragrances and sodium laureth sulfate. We also love the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database for checking to see if your favourite products are safe.

Are the products affordable?

Again, if we only chose products that sparked joy, they might be the most effective, most expensive ones we could find, but that’s not realistic for most of us. A tub of that luxury brand moisturizer filled with real gold might feel indulgent but is that a cost you can carry for more than a month? Decide what you can afford for your skincare routine and stick with products that fit your budget. But don’t get rid of those luxe creams—as long as they’re safe. Just switch to something more affordable when you run out.

Do you need to buy new products?

Now that you’ve cleaned out your skincare collection, do you have anything left? If not, keep all these tips in mind when shopping for new products. Do your research. Read reviews, try testers and search those products on EWG. Oh and pssst, we’ve got some pretty great products at The Freeze Clinic, if we say so ourselves.

What to do with products you don’t want

Instead of trashing those partially used or not used at all skincare products, donate them to a local women’s shelter. Call ahead as not all shelters will accept products and you usually have to make an appointment.