While the rise of social media has, in our opinion, forced people to take better care of their skin, it has also spawned some pretty scary beauty trends, too. And now, it seems like our awareness and openness about beauty has gone too far. Don’t get us wrong, we love that celebs and regular-folk alike share their #sheetmask selfies. What we don’t love is that skincare is getting so gimmicky. We’re used to the ingredient gimmicks. There’s a trendy new ingredient almost monthly these days. But what is with the glitter, shimmer and brightly coloured masks?

Of course you’ll look cute on Instagram with a glitter mask on your face. Glitter masks are probably fun to look at and play with—although glittery slime made for kids would be just as satisfying, just don’t put it on your face. Here’s the thing: the point of skincare is to nourish your skin and in no way does glitter benefit your complexion.

Also? While we can’t speak to every brand’s choice of glitter or shimmer (some may be biodegradable, some may be natural mineral powder), generally speaking, glitter is bad for the environment. It’s usually made of plastic and is dangerous for sea life. So, glitter masks don’t benefit your skin AND they make our earth even sadder. Is one selfie really worth it?

Want a really effective mask that’s fun to take photos of? Try our collagen mask or take a selfie during our signature FREEZE Facial. Although, we’d recommend just relaxing during the treatment and showing off your gorgeous post-treatment skin on social media—no glitter needed.