Permanent makeup and tattooing in general have come a long way in the last five years. It’s no secret that we’re fans of microblading eyebrows. It’s such a great solution for those with sparse eyebrows. Of course, they have to be confident that they’ll want healthy, natural-looking brows for the long haul. But one trend we’re not so sure about is microblading freckles. Don’t get us wrong, natural freckles can be adorable (just look at Alicia Keys). And we’d never shame someone for being prone to pigmentation polka dots. It’s just that natural freckles are often pale and only get darker with UV exposure. We’re usually in the business of clearing and brightening complexions.

How microblading freckles is done

Just like microbladed brows, freckles are created with a semi-permanent ink and a fine blade. Just don’t be fooled by the semi-permanent part. While the freckles may fade in one to three years, consider it permanent. There’s no way to know how the spots will fade or how they will look after down the road. The freckles will appear very dark on day one and will fade to a more natural look within a few days. Two treatments might be needed to get the look desired.

Not convinced about microblading, but love the look? Try makeup

Applying faux freckles can be a quick job, even faster than filling in brows. Simply grab an eyebrow pencil in a shade that complements your skin tone. Apply to your nose and cheeks, where freckles would normally appear.

Our two cents

While we’re obviously here to help people feel better about the way their complexion looks, our main concern is about the health of our clients’ skin. Our FREEZE facial and Skin-Tox treatments smooth the texture of skin, remove impurities, brighten the complexion and even out skin tone. We’re big believers in sun block. If we had it our way, only those blessed with a smattering of natural freckles would have spots of any kind. The rest would be prevented with SPF.

Freckles or not, we just want you to love—and take care of—the skin you’re in!