Would you post a selfie to Instagram if you had a big pimple on your nose? There’s only so much a filter can fix. As silly, vain or even narcissistic as it sounds, social media has helped people take better care of themselves in pursuit of selfie skin.

Millennials, in particular, are less interested in the anti-aging skincare industry. They don’t need to hide wrinkles—they’ve been busy preventing them for years. Early access to information about Botox, fillers and celebrity facials has given Gen-Y the information and motivation they need to stay looking selfie ready. And women in their 30s tend to be more about the overall health of their body and skin versus gimmicky products and marketing with no proof.

So how do you get healthy-looking selfie skin?

Exfoliate. Smooth skin looks better on camera.

Treat. Find a serum that suits your skin type. Vitamin C serum will brighten skin and create a more even tone.

Moisturize. Well hydrated skin looks firm, even and healthy.

Accentuate. Bring attention to your best assets with minimal makeup.