You already know we like our facials and lasers cold. We’re not called The Freeze Clinic for nothing. Well, we are launching a new facial that’s so on-brand, it’s perfect. Introducing the Cryotherapy facial.

What’s Cryotherapy?

You’ve probably heard about full-body cryotherapy. It involves sub-zero temperatures applied to specific body parts or the whole body for health benefits. These benefits include improving mood disorders, reducing pain and inflammation and helping to heal sore muscles.

Our treatment, of course, is focused on the skin. And there are even more benefits for the complexion. And celebrities, like Robin Wright and Jennifer Aniston and Vogue magazine agree.

Benefits of a Cryotherapy Facial
  • Cellular replenishment
  • Detoxification
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Enhanced microcirculation
  • Tighter, fresher appearance
The Age-Defying Effects of Cold Shock

For millennia, different cultures have understood the benefits of a dip in very cold water. The central nervous system is awakened. It releases endorphins and anti-inflammatory agents into the body. Plus, the extreme skin temperature change alerts the brain to increase circulation. Nutrient-rich blood from the body’s core moves to the skin’s surface, flushing it with warmth and nourishment.

The Cleansing Cascade

After a short period of cold therapy, the skin experiences more benefits as it warms back up. As circulation returns to normal, the body flushes toxic wastes and bad cells. All these benefits happen in a matter of minutes. And without affecting the body’s core temperature. Plus, you experience a relaxing, soothing treatment.

Collagen and skin cells are replaced and rejuvenated during a cryotherapy facial. The result: a tighter, fresher and more luminous face for you to meet the world with.

Want to give it a try? Until October 11, add a Cryotherapy treatment to your FREEZE facial and receive 50 percent off the add-on. Plus, the first 10 people to book their cryotherapy add-on will get theirs free.

Our full Cryotherapy Facial launches in October and will include a gentle peel and ultrasound therapy.

Call or email and we’ll book you in!