Every day I get asked the same question:  “What will cold laser do for me?” But it’s a question I love!  I still get SO excited telling people about the unbelievable changes our cold laser facials have made to our clients’ faces.  No matter the age, or which specific skin issue they have, cold laser has been doing wonders for each and every client we’ve seen.  Occasionally on our blog we will be featuring before and after examples of some of our clients, our “in-house cold laser case studies” we’ll call them.  And who will be our first subject?  MOI (Jessica)!

A couple of months ago while browsing through her camera’s long lost SD-card, Sachi came across a photo we had taken of me right before I had my first-ever cold laser facial.  We were both shocked.  I knew my skin had improved over the past year, but I had no idea just how much!  It can be hard to properly gauge these gradual changes when we see ourselves in the mirror every day.  It made Sachi and I realize just how important it is for us to take pictures of our clients on their first visit, so that we can track and share exactly what cold laser is doing for them!

 So let’s get right into it.  Here are my before and after pictures, and below we will discuss:

Cold Laser Toronto Before & After

Jessica bares all!

Can you believe it?  So many changes…

  •  Sun spots no more!

I used to tan. In tanning beds.  Terrible I know, but come on, we all did it when we were young, no?  When consequences were the last thing on our minds.  By 28 I was reaping some pretty ugly consequences all over my face in the form of brown spots and blotches.  Enter cold laser – sun spots GONE!

  •  Acne free complexion.

I didn’t suffer from breakouts in my teen years.  I thought I had just lucked out in that area.  Nope.  It hit me around 26 and continued until I started having cold laser facials done.  I had tried everything from diet to medications prior to the cold laser and nothing ever worked.  After just 2 treatments with cold laser, my skin completely cleared up and I have not had a single breakout since. For real.

  • Broken blood vessels disappeared into thin air.

I had 3 of these pesky things on my face.  One under my right eye, and the other two on each of my nostrils.  I was planning on a visit to my dermatologist to have them removed, but I never got around to it and it turns out I didn’t need to!  This issue took a few more treatments than my others did, but sure enough, they vanished.

  •  Bye-bye dark under-eye bags!

It’s embarrassing to think about how much money I have spent over the years on eye creams.  Every time I picked up a new one, I was convinced that “this is the one!” and that I would have bright smooth eyes in days.  Never happened.  In fact I was told by my dermatologist that my dark circles were hereditary and would likely never go away.  I don’t believe in never.  So I developed a treatment for under the eyes that I do in our Signature Treatment that combines cold laser with lymphatic drainage.  As you can see it WORKS!

  •  What pores?

I swear that on my actual birthday over the past few years, I could feel my pores enlarge just a little bit more.  Large pores are something we in the industry dread, cause there’s pretty much no turning that back.  Cold laser once again proved me wrong.  I have gone from only being able to see my pores whenever I look in the mirror, to having to squint and get right up to the mirror in order to see them.

In addition to all of the wonderful results above that cold laser has given me, the texture of my skin is just incredible.  It feels like it did when I was in my early 20’s.  Tight, firm and soooo smooth.  Can you believe that all of these results can be achieved without having to drop thousands of dollars and with literally no pain?  Believe it!  Book your cold laser facial with us today so we can turn your “before” face into a gorgeous and glowing “after”!