There are a lot of beauty treatments involving needles: botox, injectables, microneedling, but one of the trendiest treatments isn’t even applied to your face. IV Vitamin Therapy is literally that. Vitamins delivered intravenously. These treatments promise to help improve energy, beat a cold or hangover and improve your complexion. Depending on the vitamin cocktail, IV  therapy may also help burn fat and give you stronger hair and nails.

The Drip Cocktails

Although dubbed IV Vitamin Therapy, the drip infusions aren’t all vitamins. You can have a mix of anti-nauseants and anti-inflammatories for a hangover, antioxidants to boost wellness and skin appearance or amino acids with vitamins B and C to reduce appetite and burn fat.

Does IV Vitamin Therapy work?

Fans of the treatments say that their fine lines recede, skin appears firmer, complexions glow, they have more energy than usual and even sleep better. But, as with any beauty trend without official medical studies, there are a range of opinions on the matter. The basics are that the quickest way to rehydrate is via IV, so it can certainly be effective in improving the symptoms of a hangover. And let’s be real: we don’t all eat the perfect diet all the time. Nor do we all drink enough water. If we did, the beauty, health and wellness industries wouldn’t exist. An IV drip delivers vitamins directly to your bloodstream, which is much faster than popping some multivitamins. That much is undeniable.

What To Expect

Of course, getting an IV is still getting an IV. A needle is inserted into your forearm and connected to a drip. The process usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour and you sit and relax in the clinic or spa during treatment. Remember to eat beforehand or you might feel nauseous. The strange part? You may actually taste the vitamins being delivered into your bloodstream. You may feel a bit lightheaded, but most people feel quite relaxed.

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