A question we seem to get asked a lot is, “”Why is it called ‘Cold Laser?'”. The answer is quite simple: it is not hot. In other words, traditional laser treatments like IPL, Fraxel, Photo Facials, etc are using hot lasers, which create a thermal change in the skin in order to create new growth. Cold laser, on the other hand, works to improve skin on a cellular level, meaning it helps to repair the skin cells (along with all the other benefits which you already know about and if you don’t please ask us!). Without going into too much technical detail, it is important to understand there are different classes of lasers: “Cold” fall under Class 3B, while “Hot” fall under Class 4.  Class 4 lasers, when used in medical treatments will burn, cut or vaporize and Class 4 lasers are also used in the military and industrial fields. The lasers used to zap out hair follicles in laser hair removal also are Class 4.  It is accurate to say that Cold Laser is far more gentle than Hot Laser. Class 3B lasers have a bio-stimulating effect to enhance the natural cell activity in the body. These lasers are used in many Chiropractic and Physiotherapy clinics to help repair muscle tissue and sometimes even fractures. You may have heard of Theralase, which is a very popular brand of Class 3B lasers used in chiropractic clinics. In our world, skin care, the laser is used to repair damaged skin as well as strengthen the skin cells to prevent premature aging.
On another note, I just want to remind you about the amazing Winter Special we have now. See the blog before this for details:  http://thefreezeclinic.ca/cold-laser-secrets-gorgeous-skin-winter/