We’re often told not to touch or pull at our skin for fear of getting it dirty or creating wrinkles. But, when done right, facial massage can help increase circulation and bring blood flow and oxygen to the area. This aids in collagen production. The instant benefits are skin that glows and just looks happy. Massage in general, as we’re sure you know, is relaxing. Relaxing tense muscles can help prevent wrinkles from developing, like natural botox!

The bonus of treating yourself to a Freeze Facial is that the suction action of the microdermabrasion increases circulation, as does the microcurrent. Plus, the soft touch of your aesthetician applying serums is totally relaxing.

Want get a facial massage your skin between appointments? Do it yourself. While cleansing your skin or after applying moisturizer—with clean hands—move your fingers in circles upwards, starting from your jaw. Use gentle pressure, always moving up or across your face, never down. Repeat daily. Feel more relaxed, look more relaxed!

facial massage