Are you using eye cream only under your eyes? This eye cream tip will change your nightly routine, without wasting any precious product.

What you need to know about eye cream

Eye cream is formulated for the delicate, sensitive skin under the eyes. And it generally has a higher concentration of active ingredients to combat fine lines and dehydration. Why can’t you use it all over your face? Well, for one, eye cream comes in tiny tubs you wouldn’t want to waste. Two: you generally don’t need such a sensitive formula for your whole face.

Where else should you be using your eye cream?

While we’ve been tempted to use our eye cream all over our necks and decollétage (buy a cream for your chest instead), eye cream is actually perfect for applying to those pesky lines around your mouth (nasal labial folds) and those 11 lines above your eyebrows.

Use your regular moisturizer, then dab a bit of eye cream on any delicate fine lines, both around the eyes and mouth. The high concentration of ingredients goes to work on those fine lines and adds an extra boost of hydration exactly where you need it.