We’re called The Freeze Clinic. Whether cold laser therapy or at-home ice facials, we’re all about using the power of cold for the good of our skin…but we gotta say, the Slush Facial doesn’t sound so great. For one, slush is gross. Who names a facial treatment after the dirty, melting snow that ruins beautiful winter boots?

What is the Slush Facial?

Kendall and Kylie Jenner (the youngest of the Kardashian clan), reportedly fight acne with Slush Facials. The treatment involves dry ice and acetone—yep, you read that right, nail polish remover. Gauze-wrapped dry ice is dipped in acetone then applied to the skin. The facial is supposed to exfoliate, deep clean and remove oil for a pimple-free complexion. But, who would take the risk and use such volatile and harsh ingredients on their face?

Not us. And you shouldn’t either. Want to fight acne? Our Freeze Facial is a much gentler, safer option. Microdermabrasion exfoliates and cleans pores without stripping the skin of moisture. We infuse the skin with a customized combination of acne-fighting serums along with blue LED light therapy to help clear your complexion without slush.

So, given the choice between nail polish remover and gentle, safe, nourishing skincare solutions. Which would you choose? Book your Freeze Facial now.