After we’ve exfoliated, oxygenated and cold lasered our clients during our signature Freeze Facial, we finish with LED light therapy. Have you heard of LED light therapy? Also called Colour Light Therapy, four different wavelengths or colours of non-UV LED lights are used. The lights are mounted on a panel that is lowered over a client’s face (while wearing the type of goggles you’d wear in a sun bed—not that you’d ever do that anymore!) and the colour of light is chosen based on skin type and desired results.

LED Light Therapy has been clinically proven to improve skin and each colour has specific skincare benefits:

Red light

  • Aids in the stimulation of cells, which speeds up cellular turnover
  • Replaces older or damaged cells faster, promoting healing; increases collagen production, elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Can used for all skin types and issues

Yellow light

  • Increases lymphatic flow to detoxify 
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Great for acne and under eye circles

Green light

  • Improves hyperpigmentation and redness
  • Calms the skin by reducing inflammation and irritation, improving the overall complexion and tone
  • Great for sun damage, rosacea and eczema

Blue light

  • Kills the bacteria that causes acne

Violet light

  • Improves the appearance of the skin by increasing blood circulation
  • Calms and promotes relaxation

Also? Lying beneath the bright lights is very relaxing and even energizing, especially in the winter, when skies are grey. The pampering that goes along with a facial doesn’t hurt, either. We promise you’ll leave with a smile on your face and a gorgeous glow.