You probably know that you should put on moisturizer after washing your face. Even if no one has told you, you’ve probably experienced the tight feeling that goes along with forgetting. But how soon after washing should you moisturize? Three seconds, according to Korean skincare fans. The three-second rule is simple and obvious: get some sort of skincare product on your face within seconds of cleansing.

What about serums?

Apply your products in your usual order. If you usually start with a serum, then do that, then add your moisturizer. This is all about getting the most out of your active ingredients, so serums are a great first layer!

Does it have to be three seconds?

Probably not, but if you could aim for less than one minute, that would be ideal. Skincare products can help seal in the moisture left on your skin after gently patting dry and wet skin absorbs active ingredients better. But don’t save cleansing for last then bound out of the shower, just remember to moisturize as soon as you get out.