Do your pimples tend to pop up in the same place? It could be that your breakouts are caused by more than just excess oil. Face mapping is an ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine practice that helps identify why you break out where you do.

How does face mapping work?

Each area of your face is related to a part of your body. As experts say, all the different systems of your body are linked and an imbalance in your health or organs can show up on your face.

We outline each facial zone and the health concern or organ that area is linked to, plus we share tips for clearing up those breakouts. Need some extra help banishing pimples? Our Freeze Facial includes pore clearing microdermabrasion, plus LED light therapy to kill bacteria and heal infections.


  • Linked to gallbladder and liver or stress
  • Cut back on junk food and get more rest

Between the eyebrows

  • Linked to kidneys, stomach and spleen
  • Cut back on rich, fatty foods, exercise more


  • Linked to lungs and heart
  • Avoid spicy and salty foods and get more good fats


  • Linked to poor metabolism and lung function
  • Cut back on sugar and junk food, do breathing exercises and fit in daily workouts

Around the mouth

  • Linked to poor digestion
  • Incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet. Avoid fried and spicy foods.


  • Linked to hormone imbalance
  • Reduce stress and get lots of sleep, especially pre-menstruation.