Wedding season is upon us and whether you’re a plus-one, an invited guest, a member of the wedding party or the bride, you’re probably thinking about how to look your best. You may think that a good skincare routine is good enough for any event. But is it good enough if you’re going to be seeing all your old high school friends or your ex? Or say, if you’re the bride? It’s time to start thinking about wedding skincare.

Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips

Follow a Real Routine
You may think you have your skincare routine perfected, but there are probably times when you skip washing your face before bed (big no-no. Always remove your makeup!) or forget to apply eye cream. Try to gently cleanse and follow with quality serums and moisturizers at least once a day every day.

Apply SPF
Make sunscreen part of your daily routine and avoid unwanted freckles, age spots or pigmentation.

Eat Well and Drink Water
You are what you eat and it shows on your face. We know bbq season is coming but stay strong. Our Holiday Skincare Hangover Cure is a good guide for any time of year when delicious food and drinks abound. And, stay hydrated. While drinking water isn’t directly related to good skin, you should do it anyway.

Get Regular Facials
Book monthly (or even more frequently) leading up to the big event, especially if you’re the bride. Our Freeze Facial includes microcurrent, the go-to treatment for celebrity and influencer brides!